Personal Development Activities

It is said that once you stop learning, you start dying. This means that you have to be doing something new and different with your life as a result of what you take in. there are simple activities to keep you going in the path of personal development because when you learn and act of the knowledge acquired, you become a better person than you were previously.


Some believe that any kind of read is very useful and from absolutely any book there is a lot to learn. Maybe that’s how it was before, when there was no self-publishing and what we read assured minimum level of quality.

Now I would encourage you to read selectively. If done so, fiction and non-fiction as well as good blogs will assist you in your journey to personal growth.

2.Take an online course

Fortunately now there are no limitations and you can get any resources in subjects you are interested in. There are plenty free resources as well, so lack of money is no longer a barrier. It does not matter in which part of the world you live either, since with Internet we all seem to be everywhere.

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Put in energy where it is needed. The more energy you spend on unnecessary things the more you become unproductive where your energy is required most. Stop checking your phone at n ight when you should be sleeping so as to refreshed for the next day. Stop surfing the internet for no good reason whatsoever.

1st Self Improvement Activity: Use your energy on important things

If you want to succeed in life, you should not waste your energy on activities that do not bring any benefits.

Such useless activities include surfing the internet without any purpose, watching TV, worrying and wasting money.

When you are involved in such activities, you have no or little energy left for activities that can create a better future. It is worth prioritising and accomplishing important tasks first, and then if you still have enough energy, you may decide to do the unimportant.

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Personal development also means a paradigm shift in your finances. You need to analyze carefully before you spend your money. Being able to walk with cash in your pocket and not spend wherever you go is a sign of discipline. You should also be healthy enough to enjoy your money and other exploits that you achieve.


Financial Targets: Most of us work on this target all year round. However we do not strategize enough to achieve it. Primarily we spend a lot of money on our wants instead of our needs. A careful analysis must be done before you spend on anything. Read this article for making good decision. Another aspect of achieving financial growth is to increase your sources of income for example running a new business, changing your current job, investing in land or gold etc. You may want to read this side article about what is actual wealth and how to achieve this.

Health and Fitness: With the invention of new luxuries the life style is becoming more and more lazy consequently raising the bar for health related concerns. What adds fuel to the fire is our increased liking for fast foods and dining out in unhealthy restaurants. Junk food adds fats, results in high cholesterol and high Blood Pressure which increase the risk of heart disease leading us towards big disasters. Make a commitment to yourself to minimize eating fast foods and shift to vegetables and fruits. This cannot be done overnight so you have to change your current habits slowly and steadily.

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