The Benefits Of A Nlp Master Practitioner Training

NLP Master Practitioner Training is usually the 3rd rung on a five rung ladder.

NLP trainings come in 4 main levels. There are a few more advanced training companies that offer extra specialist levels. Life Training Systems is one of those companies but more about that later.

The entry level for NLP is usually a 2 day weekend diploma training or introduction. You get all excited by learning what is possible! Which will then compel you to enrol in a NLP Practitioner Certification training.

Now you are getting traction, you are equipped to make massif changes in your own life and the life of others. You are bound to be hungry for more, you want all the advanced “NLP Stuff”. You want the more clinical and psychological stuff, along with all the advanced language.

Which will bring you to a NLP Master Practitioner Training. In the case of Life Training Systems Master Practitioner you get 4 certifications. They are NLP, Source Pattern Reset, Hypnosis and LTS – NLP Coaching.

A very good NLP Master Practitioner Training Program should like ours be designed around making you a Master. Guiding you to be an expert of NLP, an expert coach, mentor and facilitator of change.

That is why a NLP Master Practitioner Training should never be online. Because at this level the complexity of the tools and the nuances of their application must be monitored. Also a good NLP Master Practitioner training will be at least 14 days in duration. 14 Days is the fast track already.

The 14 day format is intensive! It’s designed and condensed down to ensure you have all the essentials. A training that is shorter than that will have massif chunks missing.

A NLP Master Practitioner program should also be held over consecutive days. this is because to learn in the most effective way at this level it has to be immersive.

One Weekend a month for a year will not help you to dove tail all the techniques together. To understand how they all fit together to create one powerful process. This training should also provide you with the complete model of therapy. That is why at Life Training Systems we certify in 4 modalities which are required. All work together seamlessly to give our systems its powerful therapeutic impact.

After becoming a NLP Master Practitioner you might want more. You may want to step up to the next rung of the ladder which would be to become a trainer of NLP.

This is optional and not always a fit for everyone and certainly not required. What most students don’t always understand is at NLP Trainer level there is no extra secret NLP Techniques. You are merely learning how to train the techniques rather than just use them.

I did mentioned extra specialist levels at the beginning of this article. What I want, what Life Training Systems wants for you and its students! Is expertise. I want you to learn all that you need, to be a most excellent coach. So I have created several more specialised trainings to help my students.

These training fall into 3 categories. Language, Hypnosis and Mental Fluidity.

The first which is probably my favourite training and is unique in the marketplace. And that is the Advanced Linguistic Influencing Training ALI for short.

Then we have my 5 Day Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification Training. Which teaches you how to be script free and an expert at conversational hypnosis.

And finally my Mind Power Memory Booster Brain Training Formula! Helping you to tap into your inner genius. A fast fluid thinking coach is always going to be a great coach.

You may remember I mentioned a 5th rung of this NLP development ladder!? If you want to know more about that you will have to contact me directly. Click the link to Visit My Site And Find Out More.